Our goal is to provide excellent quality educational and memorable travel experiences for all ages. We maintain close personal relationships with airlines, bus companies, hotels and guides.  Iberian Tours has been able to share superb quality and service for an excellent value. Our student and adult groups have been able to save thousands by eliminating the massive overhead and middleman costs that larger companies pass on to you.

There are never any unexpected charges on an agreed upon itinerary.


Our tours are not the cookie cutter trips that show only the most typical sites, but journeys that dig deeper into the cities, towns, countryside and culture.


Enjoying Views on Spain Tour


For many this may be the first time that your son or daughter has been away, let alone in a foreign country, and we take this responsibility very seriously. In addition to the highest standards and licensing of our partners in transportation and accommodations, Iberian Tours provides for a chaperone, chosen by your leader, for every seven students.

There will be a full time professional guide to meet your group at the airport of the destination city and will accompany them through the entire journey. All your guides are certified and licensed and have post graduate education in the fields of history and art history to provide your child with expert, in-depth information about the places they visit.

salamanca cathedral


Every step of the planning process is made easy for you while choosing or designing your itinerary is personalized. We provide a PowerPoint presentation  for the first informational meeting for students and parents.  Our online registration and payment process eliminates paperwork and gives you all the information at your fingerprints.  We even share super fundraising ideas that are tried and successful.

You will have your own professional guide to aid and accompany you for every step of the tour. All Iberian Tours’ guides are natives and fluent in English and experienced professionals. They are friendly and passionate about travel and sharing their culture. Every tour, entrance fee and detail will be pre-arranged. You will have the security and confidence to enjoy the journey and focus on your students.